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Range Rover 1991 – 1995











Range Rover Vogue 1991 - 1995

27760/90 REV 001


These type of units have quite often problems and fails.

Common failures are:

-          Functions lost in driver seat operations,

-          Functions lost mirror operations,

-          Wrong operations (ea if you move the seat the mirros also move),

-          Total failure of any function.


If all functions of seat and mirrors has failed (no movements of mirrors and seat) this could also be caused by a broken fuse or other electrical problems, first check this before sending your ECU to us! The ECU can be found below the drivers seat.

Please fillin our
repair request and you will get a quotation within 24 hours for repairing your ECU.


We offer a world-wide service and include a year's guarantee.


Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information, first fill in our repair request (free of any obligations!) so that we have al the information we need to answer your questions.




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